About Us

Our facility exists to help people in pain.

This could be pain of any type – it is not only focused on the physical, it can also incorporate anxiety and depression.

We get referrals from doctors and specialists asking us to provide services for their patients, which of course, we are happy to do.

But we also take self referrals and people can come to us from straight off the street.

Whether your problem is lower back pain, sciatica, a trapped nerve or an old sports injury, one of our talented team of therapists can assist you.

We practice a range of massage therapies, from aromatherapy to sports massage and all our staff are highly qualified and trained.

Unlike some less professional therapists, we do not ever claim that our complementary therapies can replace traditional medicine. We do believe that it can work alongside them, however, and work in tandem with doctors and specialists, to tailor a treatment that is just right for our patients.

Our therapists also work closely with physiotherapists, to help devise a regime for our patients who are receiving physiotherapy.

We have been providing a medical massage service to the community since 1997 and since then, we have built up a reputation for excellence and best practice.

Our team now stands at fifteen full time qualified and trained massage therapists, as well as four part time staff members.

We also have a yoga therapist and hypnotherapist joining us in the New Year. This we hope will help expand our services further to still, to a wider range of therapies. In turn, we hope to help more people and in a more holistic way.

To access our medical massage service you can either visit your doctor and request a referral, or you can contact us directly to talk about the range of treatments on offer at our facility.

Wishing all our patients a healthy and prosperous New Year!