How We Can Help

Our medical massage facility can offer a range of treatments, from a range of massage therapists.

Here is a list of our main services.


Our treatments and therapies all target sciatica and back pain. This also includes trapped nerves and injuries encompassing neck and shoulder pain.

Therapies that may be suitable include;


The advantage of this massage is that the patient may remain fully clothed, which is something that many people prefer.

It is a rather more intense massage than a ‘traditional’ Swedish massage and can help with trapped nerves and other back pain, by stretching the joints.


Designed to help anyone with a repetitive strain injury and to improve recovery time from injury, this is popular with athletes and sports players, however, you do not have to be one to take advantage of this therapy.

Based on the principle of Swedish massage, this is a relaxing and beneficial treatment for back problems of all descriptions.


This is a deeper level of massage, intended for sufferers of chronic aches and pains, which have gone deep down.

It utilizes a kneading technique and is generally credited as being more vigorous than a traditional Swedish massage is.

Try it for long term back problems and see for yourself the benefits it can bring.


An aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to promote wellbeing and health in the patient.

It has been used in an array of pain relief capacities, including for help with back pain.


A lot of back problems can come from podiatric ones and people who are on their feet all day may experience issues with their back.

Reflexology may be able to help with this. It can also aid with a range of other problems, including back ones.


Doctors sometimes refer to our service for patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

An aromatherapy massage may be suggested by one of our practitioners for the treatment of depression.

This will often begin on the face and scalp and work its way through the whole body, bringing a sense of relief and contentment to the patient.


We frequently accept referrals of patients who have suffered some form of trauma, usually an accident or injury, in the course of their daily lives.

We will work with physiotherapists and their service to complement the treatments required.

Please contact us for more information about this, or any other service.